What is Hall Crown Technique?

The Hall Crown technique is a way to cover teeth with cavities without needing to use any local anesthetic or drilling to remove tooth structure. This technique uses stainless steel crowns to protect the tooth.

Why would Hall Crown Technique be needed?

The Hall Crown Technique is often used for patients who have decay who may not be able to tolerate traditional treatment methods that include local anesthesia and the dental drill.

Who would be a candidate for Hall Crown Technique?

Patients with decay who may not cooperate for traditional treatment methods may be candidates for Hall Crowns. The dentist will evaluate any decay as well as behavior to see if your child may be a good candidate.

What happens during the Hall Crown Technique procedure?

To place a Hall Crown, there sometimes needs to be a little bit of extra space between the teeth. If needed, the dentist will place a small dental separator between the teeth and typically leave it for a few days. At the return appointment, the crown is sized for the tooth and gently cemented over the affected tooth. The excess cement is then cleaned away.